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Thanks for stopping by My Business Tree. We are striving to be your source for local small businesses and professionals. We ask that you search for what you need on our business directory, this will help local small businesses. Whether you’re looking for an HVAC repair person or an accountant we can provide the service you need. We’re a business to consumer and business to business platform.

Our goal is to be your source for finding local services and businesses. Our aspirations are simple, help 1 million customers find local businesses that help with their needs and help 1 million businesses reach and connect with their customers. This effort will be one of the ways we certify our legacy because we’re about local communities and local business.

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Want To Start A Business? This Post Is For You

Taking the Plunge The first step of anything new is the hardest; it’s not uncommon for self-doubt to creep in or for obstacles to feel insurmountable. Starting a business is no different. Even if you’re incredibly passionate about your prospective business, it can feel overwhelming to imagine m read more


Social Media Icons For Your Website

Below is our social media logo you can add to your website in your social media section. This may be in the footer (bottom) section of your website. Be sure to add the hyperlink to your profile on My BusinessTree or have your web admin do it for you. If you need help let us know My Business Tr read more

graduation tips wright law alliance

Financial Tips For College Graduates

We'd like to share with you"Financial Tips For College Graduates" by Angelyn Wright of the Wright Law Alliance. She is a bankruptcy lawyer in Decatur, Georgia with over 25 years of experience. Her goal is to add insight for college graduates entering the next phase of their lives. You’re in t read more

Plan A

We want nothing more than to be a resource for businesses and customers. That being said we've decided to invest in a platform that aims to support local businesses. We look to partner with industry professionals who will partner with us. There is a sponsored plan businesses can pay for to be featur read more