Business Name: You’ll add this to the title section of your business profile.

In the box below the “Add Title” section, you’ll add a sentence or two about your business.

Business Phone: You’ll add the phone number people use to reach your business

Business Fax: If you use fax be sure to add that info here

Business Category: This is the keyword your business will be associated with. Please choose one or two.

Business Contact Email: If someone wants to reach you this is where you’ll add that contact email. If you use Gmail or Hotmail consider using a business email. We can help with that if you’d like help, let us know.

Social Media channels: Facebook, Linked In, Twitter. If you need one of our team members to create the profile for you let us know.

Listing Region: If the city you’re in is not available please let us know so we can add it. As we grow we’ll be looking to have the website accommodate your business if you have multiple locations.