If you’re a growing  business there is a growing case to work with a US based digital marketing agency. The right team will learn where you are and come up with a plan to help you achieve where you’re striving to go. The digital marketing world is fluid and it is to your advantage to bring on a team that is independent thinking and bent on helping you compete with your online competition. Local digital marketing companies can help you reach your audience online so keep us in mind. 

Let’s look at some factors you should consider in working with the right digital marketing strategy.

1. Budget

When it comes to reaching your audience we can share with you it’s in your best interest to start thinking about a budget to reach your online audience. Is your audience local, in multiple cities, or international? This will influence your budget. 

Factors to think about:


When it comes to reaching your audience you have to remember you have competition who are also working to reach the same customers as you. There are businesses who are local and bigger fish who are national working to seize customers in your local market. We want to help you put those fish on ice. finding-right-digital-marketing-agency-business-growth-mybasicllc

When you use a search engine to find keywords you want to be ranked with that are bringing in considerable traffic you will learn quickly you’re not the only fish in the pond. Isn’t that… frustrating… amazing… motivating… you add the word that describes how it makes you feel. 

Bigger fish

There are indeed bigger companies with deeper pockets who want to dominate as many markets as possible including your market but here is a truth to remember… they’re not omnipresent (Only God is), they can’t be everywhere all the time helping everyone. We’re the top minority owned digital marketing agency who can help you reach and connect with your audience. Aw snap! We just had a David moment. We’ll help you come up with the right budget to reach your revenue goals and find a healthy median that aligns well with reality. 

2. Research

It’s good to understand who your audience is and this happens through research. This is what a US based digital marketing agency does well. We’re continually putting in the time to understand your audience and the best ways to reach them. Less on your plate gives you more time back to focus on macro-managing your business. It’s a #win #win.

3. Content development

One of several ways we help our allies rank with search engines is through content development. Have you heard of the expression content is king? Do a search for several keywords you want your website to be ranked with and you will see all of the top ranking websites add a continuous stream of content to their websites. Do you see how much they are adding? Our seo will help you bridge the gap, let’s go. 

When we develop your content we’re focused and creative. We research keywords that are relevant, we take a look under the hood of your competition to see what they’re doing (#topsecret kind of stuff), and we develop and implement a plan to get your website in the game. 

Your competitors aren’t adding content just for the fun of it. Don’t feel like adding content yourself? We’ll handle it. If you want to be able to rank on page one with valuable keywords you have to have relevant content related to the keywords you want to be ranked with. If your content is helpful and noteworthy you’ll find other websites creating organic backlinks to your website. 

Dominate Now And Ask Questions Later

You can’t get back tomorrow but we can help you compete and win today and in the future. You heard that at My Business Treefirst. There is a lot of work that goes on at digital marketing agencies in America. It takes a lot of effort to get your website ranked and keep it ranked but that’s why you’re here. That’s the fun of it.  The best part of this process is getting your website ranked so your audience finds your website and the rest is history. #priceless

If you have questions or want to talk further about your digital marketing goals contact us. Why do you think it’s important to consistently invest in digital marketing?