Plan A

We want nothing more than to be a resource for businesses and customers. That being said we've decided to invest in a platform that aims to support local businesses. We look to partner with industry [...]

Mortgage Calculator

A little bird told us you could benefit from a mortgage calculator. With that info we put one in place just for you, we hope this helps.

The four membership types at My Business Tree

We're excited to share with you the four types of memberships at My Business Tree. They are Seedling Membership, Primary Growth Membership, Secondary Growth Membership, and Maturity Membership. Each represents the growth stages of a [...]

Loving these tees made by mybasic llc

We ordered some T shirts created by My Basic LLC, (another step in the right direction #marketing) and we couldn't be happier. My Basic LLC worked with us to create the T's and had them [...]

Local initiatives we want to help with:

These are some of the local initiatives we’re aiming to help with as we grow My Business Tree: Student debt Mentoring Community Poverty Technology Diabetes Heart Disease Cancer Gardening Education Starting and Running A Successful [...]

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