The Idea

At My Business Tree we aim to develop into a local, regional, national, and international root system that helps small businesses connect and reach their customers. Whether that’s business to consumer or business to business we want to be a viable resource. As the business and community ecosystem continues to change and move forward we want My Business Tree to provide the cover needed to move forward.


Our Goal

Our goal is to be a resource to local small businesses and a space where business happens. We’re taking a proactive approach to helping our members get found among millions of websites by their customers. When you sign up for one of our paid memberships we’re going to reinvest a variable amount back into “marketing” your business genre. In essence we’re apart of your marketing team. 

We want to connect people and be a resource.

We want help where needed, all you have to do is ask.

There are 6 degrees of separation and we want to be good stewards of business.

In order for us to be the resource we’re striving to be it will involve creating a network locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

We’re aiming to have 100 business in each of the United States of America and 450 around the world, its a small big goal.

We want to be the name you can trust for building your lifetime network.

This is simple, we want to Love God with all we do and love our neighbor as ourselves. Because of Jesus this is possible to and for everyone.

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